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e man; yet in▓ spite of their pleadings, the pair were▓ compelled to drop their share of soldi into● the official bag. By and by the toss o●f the steamer abated somewhat.I pu▓shed to the rail to peer out into the ni●ght.Off the port bow appeared a s▓tretch of smooth water in which were reflected ▓the myriad lights of smaller craft and▓ the illuminated windows of a block of ▓houses rising sheer out of the sea.W▓e swung to port.A gondola, weird

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ly lighted up ▓by torches on bow and poop, glided across our b▓ow.The houses born of the sea took on individ▓uality, a wide canal opened on our ●left and curved away between other bu▓ildings, the splendor of their faad●es faintly suggested in the light of mooring-po●st lamp and lantern.It was the Grand Canal.● The steamer nosed its way through a fle▓et of empty gondolas, tied up at a l▓anding stage before 54a marble column bearin▓g the lion of S